Do Product Announcements Increase Sales?

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“Engineers don’t read ads, marketing people do!”

This was the lament of a marketing veteran at a large engineering firm I worked for 20 years ago. It’s an opinion that has stuck with me, and I often consider it. Is it true?

If engineers don’t read your ads, do they read your product announcements?

To resolve some of our questions we resorted to cold hard data and testing. Using our regular industry newsletter that is sent to 130,000 engineers and buyers, we tested and discovered some really interesting insights. In the chart below we have data from 520,000 email sends.

On average we can see that:

  1. Product announcements are read more than banner ads.
  2. Product announcements receive 4.4 times more clicks than banner ads.
  3. Application stories get a 9.5 times higher click rate than banner ads.
  4. Interesting industry news see 15 times more clicks than banner ads.
Chart Source: Industry Tap and EngNet Newsletter data from 520,000 email sends.

Chart Source: Industry Tap and EngNet Newsletter data from 520,000 email sends.


Interesting articles that relate to your products and industry news on average outperform banner ads by upto 15 times.

Do you want to find our how you can get more of your target audience reading your product announcements? Our next email is going to give you 5 tips to better product announcements with an increased reach of 5 to 10 times.


Michael Cooney, the founder of EngNet, began his career as an engineer and transitioned into marketing industrial companies. His passion and experience in the industry led to creating EngNet to connect engineers and industry suppliers. You can also find Michael on Google+.


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